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Photography has been a creative outlet for me for over 12 years. My interesst initially was in fine art photography as a hobby, more than anything else. My passion for family photography was ignited with the birth of my daughter in April 2010. Seeing her grow up so incredibly fast made me realize how precious that time with her would be. After getting compliments on many of my photos of her, I decided to share my skills with other parents and started Chris Rim Photo. 
After 2 years of providing family photography for the DC metro area, I decided to branch out into wedding and event photography. I love helping couples remember their big day. I also enjoy being asked to help families document important events like anniversary celebrations and their children's birthday parties. I just love meeting different people and telling their story.
I have been living in the MD/VA/DC area my whole life. I grew up in Bowie, MD and studied Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. I've also lived in Alexandria, VA, and Silver Spring, MD. I currently live in Germantown, MD with my wife Bethany, 3-year-old daughter Olive, our tripawd dog Lucy and our two cats Penny and Dexter.
I love minimalism, interesting textures and clean lines. I try to incorporate all of that into my photography.   















My approach is simple – Relax, be yourselves and spend some quality time together as a family. This enables me to create beautiful photographs of your family that reflect your different personalities, quirks and all! 
As a parent myself I know it is next to impossible to get a baby or a toddler to sit and smile nicely (and naturally!) for the camera on request. My lifestyle portrait sessions capture your family’s interactions, allowing you to talk, laugh, play, cuddle, tickle, roll in the grass or just run around.
Because we shoot on location or at your home, children are much more relaxed than they would be in a studio environment. Because my sessions are based on the number of images rather than a set time frame we have plenty of time to take breaks, have a snack or just play a little without my lens aimed at them. Without the pressure to perform in a limited time slot, kids are way more willing to cooperate!
Before your session, we will have a phone consultation to discuss the types of photographs you would like me to capture, and choose a location and time for your session. I always suggest mornings for babies and young children, as it is the time they tend to be at their happiest.
Most events are shot in a photo-journalistic style. This means I will walk around and capture candid shots of events as they unfold. The images will be natural and authentic. I'll also take the time to capture the details of your event. The decorations, the food and all of the other little touches that make your event unique. 
Another option available to you is to have a portrait session during an event. I find something like this useful at family reunions, birthday parties and other intimate gatherings. This will require more time spent at your event. 
Before your session, we will have a phone consultation to discuss the types of photographs you would like me to capture, any expectations you have, and any other details you'd like to discuss. 
After your session I will go through the hundreds of images captured during your session and discard any shots that didn't turn out. Only images up to my standards are chosen to be edited and retouched according to my artistic standards. This process takes about 2-3 weeks, after which time you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery. Unedited images that don't make my cut are never shown for any reason under any circumstances. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are unhappy with your images and you let me know within 24 hours of receiving your gallery link, you will be offered a re-shoot. Location and clothing worn must be the same. I've never had to do a re-shoot, and I've never had anyone unhappy with their final product. See what my happy clients are saying: 

Chris Rim Photo
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